Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Bulk Kit Art Resin for Craft Tumblers Tabletop Molds Pigment River Tables

Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Bulk Kit Art Resin for Craft Tumblers Tabletop Molds Pigment River Tables
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Place Of Origin: Chongqing, China
Brand: Aorun
Mixing Ratio: Two Components Liquid, 1:1
Material: Epoxy Resin+hardener
Advantage: Low Heat,no Odor,self-defoaming
Application: Table Tops, Bars, Wood Finishes, Art Work, And So On
Usage: Construction, Woodworking, DIY Crafts Epoxy
Appearance: Liquid
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Aorun
Model Number: Aorun 5110
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: drums
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T,, MoneyGram, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100000kg per month
Product Description


Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Bulk Kit Art Resin for Craft Tumblers Tabletop Molds Pigment River Tables



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Name Art resin5110 Usage
Construction, Woodworking, DIY Crafts Epoxy

Mixing Ratio

Two Components Liquid, 1:1 Advantage

Low heat,no odor,self-defoaming,High Temperature Resistance, High Gloss





1. 5110 Epoxy Resin is a clear epoxy resin that cures at normal and low temperatures.
2. It has good alignment, natural foam, low viscosity, high hardness and high strength.
3. It can be cured at room temperature or by heating. It is for crystal board, marble board, 3D floor insulation, metal floor, kitchen table top, resin coating, high hardness coating on any surface; and other electronic parts, waterproof filling, secret masking, etc.
4. Normal condition can be reached 5-7 years against yellow.
5. The maximum thickness of a pot can reach 5-7cm.

Items Units/conditions
Technical Data
Viscosity Shore-D 80-85
Volume resistivity 25℃/ Ω./ cm 4.3x1015
Surface resistivity 25℃/ Ω. 2.6x1014
Dielectric strength 25℃ KV/MM 25
Coefficient of linear expansion CM/K <6.1x10-5
Glass transition temperature >90
Temperature resistant -60~120



The above performance data is typical data measured in a laboratory environment
with a temperature of 25°C and a humidity of 70%. It is for customer reference only
1. This product is a special large pouring glue for river tables. It will dry slowly in the production of thin layers
2, low temperature will lead to slow curing or even stop curing, low temperature environment application using high transparent low temperature curing adhesive
3, the bonding surface should be dust removal, oil removal, keep the surface clean and dry
4, the construction proportion must be accurate, improper proportion will lead to the colloid does not cure or cure is incomplete
5, AB glue must be kept sealed and pollution-free. After taking the glue, the container cover should be tightened as soon as possible to avoid dampness
6. When stirring, try to stir gently in one direction to avoid too many bubbles. When pouring, it should also be soft and light
7. It is recommended to use a vacuum defoaming machine, which has the best effect. Flame gun or hot air gun can only eliminate the bubbles within 0.5cm of the surface
8, should be in the ventilated environment construction, construction should wear gloves, masks, protective goggles and other protective measures
9. Do not take it. If it gets into eyes or mouth by accident, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice
10. Use with caution if allergic to resin
11, the uncured glue can be cleaned with water and acetone. The cured glue can only be removed by mechanical method. If it accidentally contacts the skin, it can be cleaned with warm water and washing powder.



Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Bulk Kit Art Resin for Craft Tumblers Tabletop Molds Pigment River Tables 0




1. Please clearly check the label on the package before matching the glue, and confirm the ratio of the ratio of the A agent to the B agent.
2. The glue tool should be clean and dry, no dust, water and oil.
3. Mix the A and B components according to the proportion and stir evenly to avoid unevenness or lack of hardness.
4. Since the glue starts to react and heat, the more the amount of glue is, the more heat is generated, and the curing time is also shortened. The shorter the time that can be used, so please apply the proper amount of glue according to the time of filling. So as not to cause waste.
5. After the glue is finished, seal the AB agent package to prevent debris or moisture absorption, and ensure the normal use of the next time.
6. A very small number of people exposed to the glue for a long time will produce mild skin allergies, it is recommended to wear protective gloves when used, stick to the skin can be wiped off with Tianna water or alcohol, and cleaned with detergent.
7. Before mass use, please try a small amount, master the use of the product skills, so as not to make mistakes.



We offer different size of packaging, 5kg buckets and 20kg buckets are normal size. Customized
Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Bulk Kit Art Resin for Craft Tumblers Tabletop Molds Pigment River Tables 1
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